What we do

Education is a fundamental sector that every country looks to develop but Governments in developing countries are challenged by various constraints. Increasing the private sector’s role in education through Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) can have several benefits over traditional public delivery of education, including greater efficiency and wider access to government services.

PLANET ONE Education has been at the forefront of partnering with various National Governments to help them transform their education system as well as to create a human capital capable of competing in the technologically driven global environment.

We have been successful in helping various governments achieve their objectives, whether it be implementing digital literacy and eLearning solutions, developing teacher capacity building programs, augmenting skill development ecosystem, managing special education needs, or developing interventions for out of school children.

Objective -1

Helping Governments achieve long term educational goals in a sustainable manner

Objective -2

Creating local capacities and
transfer of know-how

Objective -3

Integrated approach to educational needs as opposed to a traditional 'piece-meal' approach of procurement