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the entire continuum of education

Education is one of the biggest enablers of transformation. Right education can unlock the potential within human mind and push our civilization forward. PLANET ONE Education seeks to ignite this potential through a range of world-class education offerings and services that cater to diverse needs.

Our Highlights

Successful Global Track Record in the Entire Education Continuum

Successful Global Track Record in the Entire Education Continuum

PLANET ONE’s management team has experience in executing projects across 46 states in the US, 40 Local Education Authorities in the UK, 10 countries in Middle East and Africa, 2 Caribbean Countries and 23 states in India.

Our Education projects have touched lives of over 31 million children & trained over 105,000 teachers worldwide and impacted over 85,000 schools/universities globally.

Our team has trained over 120,000 youth in different vocational and capacity building programs.

World Bank Funded Project Experience

PLANET ONE has experience in executing strategic projects in India and Africa funded by World Bank and other developmental agencies.

Strategic Partnership with the University of Stirling

PLANET ONE Education has a strategic tie-up with the University of Stirling, UK. Continuing our tradition for innovation and internationalisation, our campus in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) formally opened its doors in 2018. The campus enables our students to undertake prestigious courses developed by expert academics from the University of Stirling, delivered internationally in the UAE. We have a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses available, awarded by the University of Stirling. The courses are delivered in English for UAE and international students. The campus is currently offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Accounting, Finance and Management. For further details please visit https://stir.ae

Innovation Lead Research & Development

PLANET ONE has got into a strategic tie up with Centre of Higher Learning, NASA to develop fully-immersive interactive 3D Virtual Reality laboratory to facilitate Education, Research & Development and Training.

PLANET ONE has very proficient and well-qualified academic & technology teams which combine innovation with technology to create a greater impact in STEM Education– Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We have a special emphasis on developing in-house Intellectual Property Rights for the various solutions in Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Governance domains.

Our team has been working with esteemed organizations in the field of Oil & Gas, Higher Education, Tourism and Health Sciences.

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